Hand-stichted Type Posters by Deni Paradise

Hand-stichted Type Posters by Deni Paradise

  • Hand-Stitched Type Posters by Deni paradise

Deni Paradise from Australia made this great collection of hand-made type posters. Everyday quotes are embroidered on paper by hand, all poster are available for sell at The Daisychain Store

Source behance.net/DeniParadise

paper collages by the makers

Paper collages by The Makers

  • paper collages by the makers

Rich in colors and textures, and yet, a simple and amazing mix of papers by The Makers. I can stare at it forever!

Source: themakers.se

Topionic packaging by Mireia Ordeix

Topionic packaging design by Mireia Ordeix

  • Topionic packaging by Mireia Ordeix

Topionic is a series of antiseptic and disinfectant products, developed to treat skins wounds. The packaging was designed by Mireia Ordeix, an industrial designer from Barcelona, based on a previous graphic style, the new packaging and label system keeps all the important information in a vertical form and uses the same color system from before.

Source: mireiaordeix.com


Rainbow Tropic & Citrus Flavoured beer by Einav Vaisman

  • rainbow-bottle-packaging-by-einav

Beer bottle and carrying box designed by Einav Vaisman, a visual communications student from Jerusalem, Israel. The design includes a a clever mix of fruits and even a humming bird with humans legs, I guess that’s okay.

Source: cargocollective.com/EinavVaisman


Hatched calligraphic pattern by Maria Elvira Maggi

  • Calligraphic pattern by Maria Elvira Maggi

Calligraphic compositions made with a variety of tools presented in hatched pattern, created by Maria Elvira Maggi, an independent designer, with an incredible love and passion for calligraphy.

Source: www.behance.net/mariaelviramaggi

Illustrated Wine Labels by Basia Bugalska

Illustrated Wine Labels by Basia Bugalska

  • Illustrated Wine Labels by Basia Bugalska

Beautiful hand crafted illustrations for Wine labels by designer Basia Bugalska.
Three labels for three different types of wine: White, red and rose wine. The main goal as the designer describes, was to display wine as an important element of cuisine, that’s why she included animals as part of the labels.

Source: cargocollective.com/basiabugalska

Font Design

Free Font: Ikra Slab Typeface by Sergey Godovalov

  • ikra-typeface-by-sergey-godovalov-1

Ikea is a slab serif typeface by Serge, a freelance graphic designer from Ufa, Russia. He specialise in logo design, hand lettering and branding. Ikea supports Latin, Cyrillic and Bashkir characters set.

Source: iomaio.ru

Teastories branding by Anagrama

Teastories branding and packaging by Anagrama

  • Teastories branding by Anagrama

Teastories is a tea store located in Vienna, they sell premium teas and a variety of tea related products. The branding and packaging was designed by Anagrama, a branding agency from Mexico, they created all the elements involved to the brand including tags and towels. Anagrama explains that the logo is a mixed of quotation marks and tea leaves, which leaves to the idea that every tea comes from a different background and history.


The December Show by Aaron Schwartz

The December Show: A solo exhibition by artist Aaron Schwartz

  • The December Show by Aaron Schwartz

Lettering and illustrations by independent Canadian artist Aaron Schwartz, who is currently living in Laax, Switzerland; had his first solo exhibition at the Livingruhm Cafe & Bar in Flims, Switzerland. The pieces had the mountain living of snowboarders and the outdoors adventurers as the main topic.
The pieces were digitally printed and framed in wooden frames at the local second-hand shop.

Source: aaronschwartz.ca

La Double J Branding Frank Studio

LaDoubleJ Branding by Frank Studio

  • La Double J Branding Frank Studio

LaDoubleJ is a new shoppable website where curated vintage fashion and accessories live together, selected by hand pieces that from around the world.
The branding and website development was commissioned to Frank Studio, a creative group created by directors and The Level Group.